Megamouth Shark- What is it good for?

Hey Kids,

I read a report today about a shark, a Megamouth Shark, that was found caught in a fisherman’smegamouth21e net. It constitutes only the 60th time this species has ever been seen. Where it goes, how it lives is near a complete mystery. It’s only known that it exists because its there in the net. On occasion anyway.

From time to time, other fish are caught in nets that others had thought were extinct by millions of years ago. Some of these species are figured out, others remain mysteries.

There’s a whole lot of things in this world we don’t know yet. A lot.

It doesn’t mean that speculation can’t help us find out answers, if fact, it is the key to finding the answers. But only if you are willing to challenge the speculations and accept when a speculation appears to be proven wrong.

Likewise in our decisions and understandings of life. Too many times the world “waffling” is thrown around when someone changes their mind about something. It’s certain death to a politician. Why we cannot allow a person to evolve in their own thoughts is disappointing.

In this age of strict separation of political thought, of aggressive attacks of people with opposing viewpoints, and of deep seated opinions. I urge you not to participate in the confirmed failed tactics of trench warfare.

Weigh, measure, and evaluate your own opinion. Repeat as often as you’d like, the more times the better. It’s ok to be wrong. It’s ok to make it right. It’s ok to think different. But be honest with yourself.

Like the Megamouth Shark is.

Day 30

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