Weekend Results

Hey Kids,

Weekends are made to relax, to unwind, to recharge. Sometimes.

Other weekends are for gearing up, winding up, burning up.

If Monday comes around and you are refreshed and ready to take on the world, or so exhausted you can barely stand; you did it right.IMG_20150329_160148_420

Today, I’m spent of all energy. I left it fishing on the Green River for the past three days.

Oh yeah, sometimes weekends can be more than just the two allotted days.

Day 35


Green Around the Edges and Down to the Middle.

Hey Kids,

I’m getting ready to spend a few days fishing one of my favorite waters, the Green River. I’m Up%20Canyon%20from%20Shark%20Alley,always surprised at the amount of stress that comes along with the preparations of a fishing trip and especially when to a favorite site.

Do I have enough flies? The right flies? Is my leader ok? Do I have enough tippet material? The right tippet material?

What’s the weather going to be? What do I bring to wear? Do I have enough to wear if it rains? Hails? Snows?

Food? Secondary concern, I know, but a concern nonetheless. How long can the body go between meals? Is water to drink really necessary? How much equipment do I have to sacrifice to make room in the vest? On the boat? I might need that space for fly tying equipment. Drinking is nice, but what about the hatch?blue_winged_olives_park_city

There are always too many questions. And they multiply as the water draws closer.

But once on the water: serenity. A fine cast, a perfect drift, an explosive take and a fine fight can make all the worries of life fade to the back ground.

Green River I hear you calling, and after all this ruckus of packing, I’ll be there.

Tight lines.


Day 31

Photos borrowed from: http://www.oldmoeguideservice.com/  & http://provoriverguides.com/utah-fishing-report/