10 Days Vacation

Hey Kids,

Today is the last day of what was 10 days away from the day job.

When I return to the grind tomorrow, I am sure many people will ask how they were spent, what I did do, and did I bring any souvenirs back with me? The answer will not be as expected.

I did not visit any faraway place. I didn’t knock out any to-do list, and I visited as few living people as possible. The fact of the matter, I spent most of the days off, at home, with this laptop, writing.13 - 1CAAGXQAX

My company were my characters that spent many re-do’s, change of story lines, and redefinition of arcs.

My places of visit were the scenes that I arranged and re-arranged, many times over- near to the point of scene revolt.

My hours of work were as much as my battery would hold out. My time in between: thinking about it.

What did I bring back as a souvenir? A clear refreshed image of what I want to do for the rest of my life.

It was a great vacation.


Day 160


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