Home Again

Hey Kids,

A funeral service, rekindled relationships, and 140 miles traveled.

The services for my uncle were short, reasonably well attended, and as he would have like them.

Many cousins and family members spoke of being closer than we’ve been. The older generations have thinned out and the regular occasions to attend funerals have put us “younger cousins” into each other’s awareness. It’s time to draw together and maybe get to know each other outside the sharing of funeral potatoes.

Mt Nebo, Utah. 11,929 ft A Point of Interest along the way.

Mt Nebo, Utah. 11,929 ft A Point of Interest along the way.

After all the good byes, it was time to fire up the bike and head back the 140 miles I traveled the day before. As all return trips go, it wasn’t as full of excitement as the original trip but it wasn’t so bad either. Bumper-to-bumper traffic did rear its ugly head, due to construction, but it passed soon enough.

It’s good to be home once again and back to my baby.


Day 207

Travel Day

Hey Kids,

It’s a bittersweet day today.

I left work early. = good!

Rode 140 miles to the south on the Yamaha, letting the 1900cc motor do what it was made for- chewing up the highway. = good!

The rains had surrendered to mostly sunny skies and warmer temps. = good!

Started out with a good tail wind. It seems like the past few times out, I’ve only had head winds. = good!

No cop entanglements. = good!

Reached my destination at a family gathering. Met some people I had never met before. Saw others I wish I could see more often. = good!

Uncle Lamaun

Uncle Lamaun

With so many things going good, how can this be a bittersweet trip?

My uncle’s funeral is tomorrow. = bad.

And a big bad too.


Day 206