Travel Day

Hey Kids,

It’s a bittersweet day today.

I left work early. = good!

Rode 140 miles to the south on the Yamaha, letting the 1900cc motor do what it was made for- chewing up the highway. = good!

The rains had surrendered to mostly sunny skies and warmer temps. = good!

Started out with a good tail wind. It seems like the past few times out, I’ve only had head winds. = good!

No cop entanglements. = good!

Reached my destination at a family gathering. Met some people I had never met before. Saw others I wish I could see more often. = good!

Uncle Lamaun

Uncle Lamaun

With so many things going good, how can this be a bittersweet trip?

My uncle’s funeral is tomorrow. = bad.

And a big bad too.


Day 206

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