Learning Something

Hey kids,

A blog post yesterday was to happen. I returned from the day job and it was truly my intentions. And then the news.

A post all of a sudden seemed trivial with the pictures of Brussels on the TV screen. What am I supposed to say?

And then there was the Presidential primary caucus. I didn’t have any sharable thoughts on that either, although it fascinates me. I read the posts on Facebook. This was all someone else’s battle.

So we ordered Pizza, put on the movie Tombstone, and called it a night.casey

Then this morning, I watch the daily video from one of my YouTube heroes, Casey Neistat. He mentioned at the start of his vlog that in response to life’s terrible events, one should just do what they do best and that effort tilts the world back right, or at least makes it a little bit better, and then he went on with his vlog.

That would’ve been a much better response than not doing anything at all.

Lesson learned.


Post #357


Link to mentioned vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRyAl7RWRhs



Hey Kids,

I have two conflicting weaknesses in life.

1) I hate signs. Signs are everywhere and after a while we just ignore them anyway. Signs are a sign that too many people think they can tell you what to do. In my opinion.

2) I do dumb things. I’m not really a safety guy. How I’m still alive, I’m not too sure. I’ve made it to 48 (still have a few weeks to say that) and haven’t died yet, but I keep trying.

That all being said, this sign is one I would heed.Warning sign of the century award goes to...

Don’t be afraid to live and learn every once and a while.


Day 71

Sometimes They Do More Than Just Stare at the Screen

Hey Kids,

You never know what sticks in your head from when you were a kid. Yesterday, I discovered one such sticky memory.

Not feeling too well the past few days, I stuck to the couch and relied on Amazon Prime Video to keep me company. I cruised through the vast array of items available and focused on motorcycle shows. I’m so predictable.maxresdefault

After watching the Fastest Indian, I saw a movie that sounded vaguely familiar, “C.C. and Company”. A 1970 film starring Broadway Joe Namath and Ann Margret.

For whatever reason, the opening scene of walking through the grocery store and fixing his own sandwich cracked me up and I thought, “Wait a minute, I think I’ve seen this.”

I continued to watch and the scenes hinted at recall but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. And then it happened.

CC gets in a fight over whether he deserves to keep any of his winnings from the motocross race he attempted. He loses the fight and the money but then steals the money back that night and takes off.

For some strange reason, that scene has played in my mind throughout my many years. I remembered it almost perfectly, except that I didn’t remember that it was Joe Namath. I had watched the movie on some week night TV movie, the ones they used to show at 7:00 like on a Tuesday.

The scene, I thought was so unfair. The fact that he couldn’t keep part of what he earned but had to give to others who hadn’t earned it really bothered me. He was willing to share with the gang but wanted to save a little for himself. Maybe buy another dirt bike and make more money. Maybe buy a new chopper. (Which the bikes in the movie all looked so small compared to today’s bikes; but that’s another subject).

I despised the gang leader for demanding it all. I was happy when he stole it back. Actually, as a kid, I didn’t remember exactly how he did steal it back: I must’ve been younger than I should’ve been to watch that movie (he he).

Before this post goes on forever, I believe that scene formed an idea in my head that I learned or had confirmed. You deserve the rewards when you do things beyond what everyone else is willing to do. You earn success and you owe no one for your efforts.

I have always been taught to work hard for what I seek and desire. And I think that learning comes a little beyond a 1970 “B” movie. It came from those around me, from my own experiences, and my own convictions. I just think it’s hilarious that a scene and a movie can stick with me all these years.

And you thought I was just a dumb kid who was trying to avoid his homework.


Day 56

Old Dog?

I believed this morning that I had lost my wallet and my phone; that they were stolen actually. I went through the round of emotions of shock, anger and the dread. Who had them? What did I lose? I mean everything I lost. Visa card. Debit card. Even my brand new library card. Cash. Zoo and Park passes. My Subway and Café Rio meal cards.

With the information in the phone, with all the photos and info, I now had to worry about Identity Theft. I called the bank and the phone company cancelling cards and suspending service. I began to realize how much I hadn’t done to be prepared for something like this. I realized how many things I could’ve done, should’ve done, and could’ve and should’ve not done. But it was too late now. Live and learn.

And then the miracle. The phone and wallet were found. I had my things back and my information was never in unsafe hands. A trip to the bank for new cards and all was back to how it should be.

Now it’s time to see how much I really learned.