Learning Something

Hey kids,

A blog post yesterday was to happen. I returned from the day job and it was truly my intentions. And then the news.

A post all of a sudden seemed trivial with the pictures of Brussels on the TV screen. What am I supposed to say?

And then there was the Presidential primary caucus. I didn’t have any sharable thoughts on that either, although it fascinates me. I read the posts on Facebook. This was all someone else’s battle.

So we ordered Pizza, put on the movie Tombstone, and called it a night.casey

Then this morning, I watch the daily video from one of my YouTube heroes, Casey Neistat. He mentioned at the start of his vlog that in response to life’s terrible events, one should just do what they do best and that effort tilts the world back right, or at least makes it a little bit better, and then he went on with his vlog.

That would’ve been a much better response than not doing anything at all.

Lesson learned.


Post #357


Link to mentioned vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRyAl7RWRhs


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