Old Dog?

I believed this morning that I had lost my wallet and my phone; that they were stolen actually. I went through the round of emotions of shock, anger and the dread. Who had them? What did I lose? I mean everything I lost. Visa card. Debit card. Even my brand new library card. Cash. Zoo and Park passes. My Subway and Café Rio meal cards.

With the information in the phone, with all the photos and info, I now had to worry about Identity Theft. I called the bank and the phone company cancelling cards and suspending service. I began to realize how much I hadn’t done to be prepared for something like this. I realized how many things I could’ve done, should’ve done, and could’ve and should’ve not done. But it was too late now. Live and learn.

And then the miracle. The phone and wallet were found. I had my things back and my information was never in unsafe hands. A trip to the bank for new cards and all was back to how it should be.

Now it’s time to see how much I really learned.

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