Brought and Taken in the Wind

Hey Kids,

The wind blows from the south tonight.

This usually means a storm approaches but the forecast says otherwise. Instead this wind brings with it warm temperatures for the weekend, sunny skies, and blue skies.

The windows have all been open and the pulses of wind that cause the drapes to breathe in and out like the sides of a dragon in a deep sleep, bring with them the dust from parts unknown.

What carries on the wind? Perhaps the dust of a gravel pit, or the dried dirt of a construction site. Or perhaps the mountain that once stood great after being thrust into the sky from an ancient force from the core the earth, now weathered and softened by the winters of millennia. Within this dust carries the shores of an ancient ocean, of the remains of its inhabitants. A volcano’s blast might also be mixed with the dirt caught on the grid of the screen door.691e80fd1f9f0d637cc02177b6831dba

Each gust of wind carries with it, the geologic memories of the earth.

The wind carries with it this night, other memories; memories of times not so ancient. Memories of smiles and laughter, of little hands, and kisses good night.

The mountain is not the only thing tonight being ground by the sands of time blowing on the wind.


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For Those who Dare

Hey Kids,

In French it’s: “La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid.”

Or in English, or Klingon, it’s: “Vengeance is a dish best served cold.”Klingon_Symbol

Vengeance is payment sought for the misactions of others. Or at least actions that don’t agree with oneself.

It’s not the “drinking from the skulls of your enemies” type of vengeance that’s the most common (unless you’re Klingon), nor or the misactions in the realm of burning down the village of your ancestors. Instead I find other drivers who choose not to drive as I do, change lanes when I would, or, how dare they, go a different speed than I deem best for them to travel.

I wish upon such transgressors the issuance of a ticket, the curse of being trapped in traffic behind an 18 wheeler, or the dawning of the realization of their presence in the such a superior driver. Or at least the admittance of their inferior skills- possibly the best punishment of them all.

I find I get angry a lot lately. Things don’t go my way and I wish retribution.

Make me wait; I will curse you.

Buy the last of that which I wanted’ I will devalue that which you have.

Be happier than me; I will pray for your demise.

Don’t hold the door open for me; I will not hold it open for the person behind me.

Vengeance is a plate best served cold because it’s a dish you shouldn’t want to partake.

I need to relax and live and let live.

And as fun as drinking the blood of my enemies might sound, it’s the better person who settles for a nice iced tea, to let the others do as they would do, to maybe even slow down and let them through.

Aimer est plus fort que d’être aimé. To love is better than being loved.

Unless, of course, you’re a Klingon.



Post 3-130

My Crew

Hey Kids,

I have a staff. We are all just people with jobs. We trade our time and talents and get paid for it.

I like to think I’m one of the crew, another employee with my own specific duties. I start the day and end the day, just like everyone else. I’m just one of the “guys”.


Ordinary Average Guy

Except I’m not.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing special about me. I’d be the first to doubt my abilities, my importance, and my book smarts. I’m pretty run of the mill.

But I am the leader of my small staff. They look to me to make sure their time gets turned into money. They look to me to watch for those things that are best for them. While they do their jobs, they expect me to do mine- make their jobs easier, valuable, and safe.

They come to me when they are troubled, mad, or disappointed. They tell me of their victories, their families, and their desires. They share their goals, their dreams, and occasionally their deepest secrets.

I console when family members struggle, get sick, and pass away. I offer advice when life delivers hard blows. I encourage when life puts up hurdles.

I’ve laughed with them. I’ve sat through tears with them. I’ve spoken at funerals of a couple of them, and hugged their grieving mothers.

None of these things make me anything great or special.

Except what an honor it is to be someone who is trusted to be part of so many people’s special moments.

What an honor it is to be given a second chance to be a dad once again.


Post 3-121

“What’s on Your Mind?”

OK, this might seem more like a Facebook update than a blog post but here’s the story.

The day started out early, around 4:30. I got up did the morning routine, got me and my bike to the day job, did my full day there, got back home, packed the 4Runner, and got out of Dodge, er, Salt Lake.

Most of my pontificating will be done within the echos and cobwebs of mind as I watch the little dotted lines of the 300 miles of roadway fly past us. I’ll sing a little, cuss at other drivers a little more, and count down the miles as we roll through each town on the way.

In the morning, I’ll wake up floating atop 100′ of liquid happiness, other wise know as Lake Powell.

I love being where I belong.

Post 3-104

Make it a Home Run Derby

Hey Kids,

One-at -bat, as my online mentor Gary Vaynerchuk would say.

You get one shot at this life. Within the one-at-bat you’re granted,
you’ll have moments of strikes but ultimately one result. A result you’ll never realize until it over.

Except in this scenario there is no 3 strike limit.


Reggie Jackson- Mr. Oakland

No limit to hits, no other inning but the ninth, and always playing for the win.

I’ve had some worries lately and I’ve been letting it get me down. But my dear Annette
also reminded me how stupid that approach is. She lives for today with an eye to the future. She never passes a good laugh, time spent with those she loves, and a good long bath with bath salts.

She reminds me of what’s good in this world, what’s important, and what’s not.

Success and happiness are always waiting at the next pitch.

I think it’s time to let it rip and swing for the fences.


Post 3-100

Sluice Box of Life

Hey Kids,

I’ve been at my job for nearly 25 years now. In those 25 years, I’ve accumulated a desk full of papers, gizmos, and trinkets. I decided it was time to empty some of those items. Mostly because my desk is full and I might be there for a few more years.

Within the reaches of the drawers, I found my weight in mystery keys, a bible’s worth of pages of old notes and scribbles, and two decades of memories from past employees.

I threw out piles of worthless Coke caps that I never got to enter the codes for some grand prizes never realized. There was a mountain of business cards from companies and people with which a few we did business- most we did not.

A few ID badges had been left behind. I read the names and looked at the pictures of their past owners. I recalled their stories. A small number of them left due to immigration issues. Others moved on to different opportunities- some have stayed in touch, most others have not. I found a letter written to me by an employee who passed last year. It was written during a trying time in her life and she had wanted to thank me for my support during that time. It meant a lot to me then, but even more now.

My runner-up find was a voucher assigned to me on my very first day with the University. I was to exchange it for an ID card within my first few weeks of employment. I never did, but got an ID card anyway. I don’t know why that amuses me, but it does every time I see it. Apparently, I rebelled against the rules even way back then.

The grand prize find was a copy of my oldest son’s fishing license. It is the most valuable because it has his signature on it, something he did with his own hand and I own it. I miss him and it makes me feel closer to him.

Life marches forward and these treasures of sluicememories get caught on the riffles of time, much like gold in a sluice box. And like the largest nuggets in the sluice box, they can disappear under the mundane black sands and irrelevant gravels of life and disappear out of sight, and out of mind. Today reminds me to not fill up on the trivial but to unbury and cherish those moments and people that are important today, and not when I clean out my desk every 25 years.


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Hey Kids,

I know it seems silly to some, but others might relate. This past weekend, I stepped aboard a boat that I own. I know it’s just a share and I have to share it with others, but when I have the helm, the boat is mine.

Years ago, I lived on the Sacramento/San Joaquin delta. I watched the boats head out as I fished from the shores. I dreamed of my own cabin cruiser. I thought how cool it would be if I could head out to the distant parts of the maze of islands, drop anchor, and sleep to the sways and lifts of the river current and tide.

I watched boats for sale but it never seemed possible. Not only did I have the struggle to buy a boat that would accommodate the dream, I had to figure out how to pay for a vehicle to pull it, or the ability to pay for a berth in a marina.

I backed off my big boat dreams when we relocated to Utah; trout lakes didn’t need them. I figured though that any boat would do. I still had the vehicle issue but I was ready to concede to a small fishing boat. After many discussions, the stated promise was a baby for a boat.

Five babies later, no boat appeared on the horizon. Responsibilities called and I happily answered. Although dormant, the dream remained.

Last October I stepped on a dock of boats equipped for big water, on another big river. This time it was the dammed Colorado they call Lake Powell. The slips were full of all varieties of cabin cruisers, yachts, and houseboats. Some of the boats were as short as 25’ and others stretched out to near as 80’. It made me recall the days and desires of the

I decided then and there the time had come. After scanning listings, reading specs, and calculating costs; we landed on our ship. A 47’ house boat named the Skipper’s Dream. This past weekend I made the baby step off the dock and onto my new and first boat.

It’s been a long time coming and it’ll be another month before we get to power it out of the slip. And then another week after that before we’ll have the helm. Unassisted and unhindered in our decision of heading and destination, the dream will be fulfilled and room made for the next one.


Post 3-094

First Firsts

Hey Kids,bliss

During the next two months a few “firsts” will be accomplished. Tonight will be the first of the firsts.

Last October, I spent a couple days on Lake Powell and it was love at first sight/boat/fish. If you’ve never seen Lake Powell, look it up.

Following our trip, it became my mission to return, and to make it so we would return more than once. We investigated and invested into a houseboat. This weekend will be our first overnight visit. Although we won’t be able to take the boat out of the slip, we will be hanging out for a couple of nights. We do have the task to commission a new kayak and I have a few new rod and reels to baptize.

I hope to have enough Wi-Fi from the docks to post new updates. If I disappear for a few days, which wouldn’t be a first, I’ll catch you up on our return.

Wish us sunny skies and calm waters.


Post 3-090

Curves Ahead

Hey Kids,

The back and forth of the weather continues its tennis match. Yesterday it was full rain gear in pounding rain drops, bordering on snowflakes. Today it was sunny, warming into the lower 50’s. A cold breeze blew from the north but if shielded from it, one could feel the seasonal strengthening of the sun’s rays.IMG_20170328_220507

The bike can tell the difference too. The motor pulls stronger, and revs wind up faster, and the exhaust growls a little deeper. I can lean a little steeper into the turns, twist the throttle a little harder on the take-offs, and relax a little deeper into the seat. I can imagine cruising the mountain roads already.

But that will have to wait. There’s still 10’ of snow on those mountains. And this good weather will turn into pouring rain again by Thursday.

Spring is definitely the season of give and take. It’s a time to remember the past trials and to consider the promise of the future. By mid-summer, I’ll have forgotten about the cold rides, the slick road paint, and the freezing rain. Every day will be easy riding and warm sunshine.

It’s not just the weather outside that’s changing. I feel a spring of my own. I’ve traveled some dark, cold roads and now I go back and forth. Some days I feel I’m on top of the world, and then there’s others where I feel I’m in the depths of despair. If you ask me, however, the days are trending warmer.


Post 3-087

Me Before Them

Hey Kids,

President Trump signed a bill today, adding manned trips to Mars to the official mission for NASA. In a time when budget hacking are the name of the game, it’s encouraging that space exploration is not dropped to the cutting room floor.

Surrounded by astronauts and law makers at the bill signing, it was suggested that maybe congress could be sent into space. They all laughed and it’s not a thought not too far off from the people’s heart. But why do they get all the fun?

I’d be willing to go to space.Space travel image

I would love to see the blue sky turn black, see the world shrink into a globe, and experience zero gravity. Especially zero gravity. As I mentioned before in a previous post, I create quite the gravitational field and to be free of that would be a godsend to my joints and bones.

And the stars. To see the stars without the haze of the atmosphere and light pollution would be a site I would never forget.

I’m not sure how long it takes for comments such as “shields up” or “engage”, or calling everyone “Number 1” would get old, but I would know by the time I got back.

So if we’re sending anyone to space, sign me up. I can suggest another place for Congress to go.


Post 3-081