Hey Kids,

3500 was the number I believe I heard. 3500 cyclists. That’s how many riders were to participate in today’s event.

Every year, riders chosen by qualification and lotto converge onto the small town of Lewiston, Utah. Each is there to ride their choice of multiple courses ranging from 27 miles to 100 miles.

There is no race, no trophy, or even a way to judge their performance against any other. They do it just for the fun of it. Some dress up in fun costumes, others are as professional as an Olympic athlete. Actually the only thing they share is that they are all women.PART_1496529003754

I also participated, but not as a rider. Obviously. But instead I volunteered as course marshal. I rode along with the many riders who chose to ride the 100 mile course. I followed along, I blocked traffic, checked on riders pulled off to the side, and played cheerleader- minus the pom-poms. There are worse things than spending all day on my motorcycle, being a watchdog over 3500 women, and enjoying the backroads of the Cache County farm country.

And although I volunteered for this duty to show support for my wife and daughter who were part of the 3500 riders and expected nothing in return- I accepted the $20 of gas money offered.

Gas money is gas money, you know.


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Around an Island in the Dark

Hey kids,

I’ve spoke before how much I enjoy Antelope Island.

The isolated desert island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, up to this point, has only been experienced by me in the daylight and  on a motorized vehicle.

Not anymore.13718575_1125848827475904_4128455032069227520_n

Last night we rode the 24 miles in the dark on a pedal bike.

Granted, we rode with hundreds of others, but in the dark.

I’m not an experienced ride, and it has been a few years since I last attempted to ride, but I did it. I made the 24 miles! (Disclaimer:a few steps on some of the late inclines were walked.)

Apparently the others in our group liked it so much, it’s now on our to-do list for next year. My only hope is that I get some training done before then.


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