For Those who Dare

Hey Kids,

In French it’s: “La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid.”

Or in English, or Klingon, it’s: “Vengeance is a dish best served cold.”Klingon_Symbol

Vengeance is payment sought for the misactions of others. Or at least actions that don’t agree with oneself.

It’s not the “drinking from the skulls of your enemies” type of vengeance that’s the most common (unless you’re Klingon), nor or the misactions in the realm of burning down the village of your ancestors. Instead I find other drivers who choose not to drive as I do, change lanes when I would, or, how dare they, go a different speed than I deem best for them to travel.

I wish upon such transgressors the issuance of a ticket, the curse of being trapped in traffic behind an 18 wheeler, or the dawning of the realization of their presence in the such a superior driver. Or at least the admittance of their inferior skills- possibly the best punishment of them all.

I find I get angry a lot lately. Things don’t go my way and I wish retribution.

Make me wait; I will curse you.

Buy the last of that which I wanted’ I will devalue that which you have.

Be happier than me; I will pray for your demise.

Don’t hold the door open for me; I will not hold it open for the person behind me.

Vengeance is a plate best served cold because it’s a dish you shouldn’t want to partake.

I need to relax and live and let live.

And as fun as drinking the blood of my enemies might sound, it’s the better person who settles for a nice iced tea, to let the others do as they would do, to maybe even slow down and let them through.

Aimer est plus fort que d’être aimé. To love is better than being loved.

Unless, of course, you’re a Klingon.



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