Bus Stop

Hey Kids,

At a bus stop bench sat an old man, all alone and quiet, clear down on the end.

Leaned on his cane, he kept watching the road as the cars came round the bend.

The first bus he waved off, the second as well, then the third, and also the fourth.

It wasn’t a ride that the old man sought, just someone to acknowledge his worth.


Post 3-150


Hey Kids,

The human heart, they say, is somewhere about half a pound.

I’m afraid I have to beg to differ and say they are mistaken.

For my heart feels heavier than that and drags me to the ground.

It’s swollen with grief because it knows, it has been forsaken.


Post 3-143

Note: I’ve been out of the internet’s reach for much of last week, and experiencing problems since being back. So I’ll be posting the missing days, one a day until I’m all caught up. They’ll be posted retroactively.

One Way

Hey Kids,

Knock, knock. Who’s there, you didn’t say.

What’s up? I ask. But no answer today.text

My phone shows texts and well wishes cast.

But only one way are these messages passed.

Left with this sole method to show that I care,

I find the return silence is a little much to bear.

For now, I miss you more with each passing year.

But should I stop missing, that’s my greatest fear.


Post 3-018

Life on the Bus- a song

Hey Kids,

Standing at the bus stop many nights, I hear the first line of this song in my head with a little change in the lyrics.

Tonight, I decided to share this little chuckle and complete, officially, the full changes. Enjoy.

(To the tune of Love on the Rocks by Neil Diamond.)

Life on the bus ain’t no big surprise
Read me the schedule
And I know they’re all lies
Another hour to lose,
So you just sing the blues, at the stop

Bought me my pass, gave you my soul
You left me alone here
With nothing to hold
Last day’s bus is gone
Now all I want is to cry

First they say they want you
How they’re here to serve you
Suddenly you find you’re out there
Walking in a storm

When they know they have you
Then they really have you
Nothing you can do or say,
Will bring back the bus that drove away.
We all know you’re screwed

You need what you need
You can say what you want
Not much you can do
When the trax train is gone
May be blue skies above,
But it’s cold
When your life’s on the bus.

Day 322

Christmas Eve Memories

Hey Kids,christmas_PNG3743

At the end of this Eve of Christmas Day

After all of the eating, gifting, and play;

I rest in my bed tucked away from the cold,

Thinking of Christmas’; some recent, some old.

The 24th has always been the Eve of magic and delight,

The moments where everything always seem perfectly right.

Things changed and my children have grown older and moved on

Yet in an instant, I can visit every Christmas Eve and following dawn.

Happy thoughts they are, and I will always cherish these memories of us,

And as always, wherever you are, I wish this year to be your Merriest Christmas


Day 304