Lost Sleep


Today was my opportunity to get back to Salt Lake and take care of business, but more importantly to see the little lady.

I got gas this morning, pack my things, shuttled a truck and trailer from the dam to the take out point, and got out of town. I made it about 20 miles.

To make a long story short, I stopped my truck, turned it off for a minute, and then tried to restart.

No go.

The truck acted as if it were dead. A few people tried giving me a jump.

No go. The second gentleman and his wife who offered help also gave me a tow to a resort shop.

The service guys at the resort tried to help me figure it out. We didn’t get it started but now have parts on order and hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be back on the road.

Me and my honey are so very bummed out. I’m not sure when the next opportunity will come, hopefully next week, but i will try again.

Is there a lesson to be learned here? Maybe not by the break down but maybe this:

Last night I woke up at 2 a.m. and contemplated which way I should go home. Either through the town of Vernal, Utah which is a little bit longer; or through Wyoming which is shorter, but maybe more perilous.

I thought it over and over. Everybody here said Vernal. I wanted a shorter route and was thinking I would the risk the wilds of Wyoming.

Back and forth I went. Solid, known, tested wisdom of others vs. Self indulgence of getting there quicker. Finally I decided to go with the wisdom of others.

Eventually, I faded back to sleep.

My truck died exactly at the intersection of the two routes. I ended up not going either way. I wasted all that sleeping time worrying about it and none of it mattered.

Lesson? Don’t waste time on stupid stuff. Just decide to do the wise choice and be done with it.

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