Unexpected Company

Hey Kids,

A sock here, a shirt there. A couple of jackets thrown over the back of the dinner room chair.

Most of the time the dishes are washed, but a few have found themselves abandoned in the bottom reaches of the sink.

Laundry was done but not folded and the cat had left a few of his toys where they belonged.

All in all, not everything was perfect; the apartment bore a “lived-in” look, but not bad.

Then we came home greeted by a note attached to the front door. An inspection by management loomed for the next day.

With the expectation of company, as glamorous as it is, the clutter of the daily grind seemed to increase tenfold in an instant.

So the evening has been spent straightening, sorting, and folding; all in anticipation of these mystery maintenance people who will enter our little home and test the water faucets, the drains, the appliances, and the windows.

I hope they’re impressed with how good the apartment looks.


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