Hey Kids,

I ran into some ex-coworkers this evening.

We said hello, fist bumped, and asked how each was doing. We talked a little about what we had been up to, what we had seen of each other on Facebook.

Leaving, my old boss, the one I worked for directly, said, “You can come back anytime. Really.”Burning_Bridges_Logo

I know some people fantasize of leaving in a blaze of glory, with a one finger, salute, and a good piece of their mind. It might feel immediately satisfying to do so, but that’s not my style.

I take pride in the fact that I left on my terms and in a way that I could always return if I needed or wanted. The fact that I hear this same invitation when I run into the other members of that management team means more to me than any bridge-burning parting expression.

Legacy is not how many people you can put behind you, but is how many people who are willing to back you up.


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