Space Shoes

Hey Kids,

Between my work boots, my work out shoes, my casual sneakers, my sandals, my Sunday go-to-meeting shoes, my flip flops and a few more I’ve probably forgotten; I have too many shoes to tell you where they all are at any given moment.

When the season changes, there ensues a major search to find the needed footwear. I think that maybe my life has become too complicated. Or maybe I’m too

There is somewhere in the neighborhood of 500,000 items in orbit around out planet. Pieces of rocket, satellites, pieces of satellite, and other discarded items spinning around our planet every day. And it’s someone’s job to track it all.

I don’t know what that guy gets paid or how well he does, but if he uses some program to help him out, I want to know:

Is there an app for that? I need some help.


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