Sorry Charlie

Hey Kids,

The tuna is known to follow ocean currents. They use the flow of the water to help propel them to greater speeds and thus help the survival of the school. On one hand they are better able to chase down prey and on the other hand to outrun predators. One might even argue that they conserve energy in going with the flow, maybe even prolonging their life from just that fact alone.

The salmon swims up the river, against the current. There’s no real advantage; it’s just the way to get to where they need to go. No protection in numbers. No prey to chase. Only a destination and a lot of work to get there. It will mean the end of their life. Period. It’s in-grain, natural, and unable to be altered.

Some people are tuna. Some people are salmon.tunavssalmon__square

Some go with the flow. They enjoy being with others, with the crowd. There’s stability in a group. There’s a more assured return from a joint effort. They may be only as strong as the weakest link, but they’re only as dumb as their smartest thinker.

The others cannot resist the natural drive to fight their own way through. They stand or fall on their own efforts. They stand alone, only as strong and as enduring as their own resources allow. The journey is the reason they move at all.

I am a salmon.


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