In One’s Own Universe

Hey Kids,

Video on demand is today’s reality.

The days of waiting for your seasonal favorites is a thing of the past. You can watch nearly anything at any time. Binge watching is the thing to do. Don’t wait week by week to see your favorite show, wait till the season is over and watch all the episodes in a row. Or the entire series.

I recently discovered that one of my favorite series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is available on Amazon Prime. And I began watching a few episodes, from the beginning. I guarantee I’ll watch them all.deep-space-nine-concept-sheet-1

I do enjoy Star Trek and enjoy discussing warp cores, Enterprise captains, and space-time continuum at length with fellow Trekies. In fact, discussion such as these makes one feel kind of, well, smart.

However, when you start to watch these shows with a Star Trek Gentile, and you spend way too much time explaining Bajoran/Cardassian politics and how it relates to the Federation and the newly found worm hole; you end up feeling a little bit silly.


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