Crossing Back Over

Yesterday we crossed the Continental Divide, the tipping point deciding which direction the rivers flow to reach their ocean destinies.

Today we crossed back over the other way on a different highway.

We travel with so little effort, the struggles of the past are unimaginable in our modern lives.

I think that is why it’s important to try to connect to the past. Walk where our predessors walked, picture how it might have been, wonder and be amazed how they did it.

Although not historically accurate, we take a break in Doc Holliday’s Saloon. Decorated in pictures from the past and a wooden bar with its own history, the place is a throwback to how things may have looked. It at least makes you feel that way.

It’s one of the things I love about the west and Utah where I live. So much is still the same and it helps me, on a regular basis, be grateful for the time I get to live in and able to decide the direction of my own destiny.

img_20170128_160156450Sorry for the short post, we’re on the road with a lot of miles to cover still today.

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