Didn’t Give in to Sunday

Hey kids,

It would’ve been so easy to just wake up today and call it a rest day at home. But we didn’t.

With the Friday night bike ride, the street fair yesterday, and the late night waiting up for the kids to return from the concert with possible car troubles; it would’ve been easy to just pack it in.

Instead we got up, made some pancakes, and got our butts to the lake.FHD1643

My kayak is still out of commission but we grabbed our life jackets, the inner tube from my fishing float tube, and a picnic lunch. We made it for an afternoon of fun and relaxation.

I work overnight tonight and we’ll have to leave well before I will want to, but I feel accomplished, like I didn’t give in.

To me that’s everything.


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One thought on “Didn’t Give in to Sunday

  1. Hi Mike,

    It looks like you had a blast, judging from the picture. It’s funny how sometimes we have to “force” ourselves to go out and have fun. Once we’re out there, we are glad we made the effort.


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