Same but Different

Hey kids,

The Provo River has been one of my favorite fishing places. I’ve spent countless hours wading through those waters chasing the large trout lurking in the pools and riffles. The middle Provo, as it is called, is no secret to anyone who fishes Utah waters.

The lower Provo, I had never explored; it’s not really fly fishing water.

This night, we had rented a canoe to explore the river. I’ve kayaked, but never canoed.

From where we loaded into the canoe at 8:30, we followed the river downstream up to where the river flows into Utah Lake. The skies were cloudy but it remained light enough to navigate the numerous obstructions in the water.

As the skies darkened, we turned back upstream. We paddled up past where we had begun and continued until the clouds cleared enough to revel what we had hoped to see that night, the full moon.

Although I’ve seen plenty of full moons; at least one a month for the past 50 years; occasionally two; and I’ve been on the Provo River before; and I’ve navigated a paddle-driven boat;  I’ve never put them all together before.provorivermoonlight

Nice remix.


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