Around an Island in the Dark

Hey kids,

I’ve spoke before how much I enjoy Antelope Island.

The isolated desert island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, up to this point, has only been experienced by me in the daylight and  on a motorized vehicle.

Not anymore.13718575_1125848827475904_4128455032069227520_n

Last night we rode the 24 miles in the dark on a pedal bike.

Granted, we rode with hundreds of others, but in the dark.

I’m not an experienced ride, and it has been a few years since I last attempted to ride, but I did it. I made the 24 miles! (Disclaimer:a few steps on some of the late inclines were walked.)

Apparently the others in our group liked it so much, it’s now on our to-do list for next year. My only hope is that I get some training done before then.


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