Holiday Tradition

Hey Kids,

One of my favorite Broadway originated productions is Fiddler on the Roof. I own the movie and have seen it on stage.1250014196topol_380

One of my favorite songs from that production is “Tradition”.

Tavi struggles throughout the production with Tradition vs. On the other hand. Each time he finds tradition challenged he looks and finds that on the other hand, it might make a little more sense to alter the tradition a little to fit the current situation. Time changes things and against the understanding of tradition, on the other hand can still serve the same purpose.

The Holidays, including Thanksgiving, screams tradition. What a family does each year is greatly determined by what they determine as tradition. Alternative activities, different venues, or even swapped dates can set people into a frenzy and decry that the “Holiday was ruined!”

Tradition also can hurt. I loved the things I used to do every year with the family. When it was denied to me, I felt a huge emptiness. The holiday wasn’t denied to me, but the way I felt it had to be celebrated made me feel like I no longer could enjoy it.

On the other hand, I’ve learned to incorporate new traditions with the family of my new wife. I can still fondly recall the old traditions and enjoy those memories, and look forward to new traditions as the family grows.

These upcoming holidays, stick to tradition, but on the other hand, roll with what works for everyone.


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Day 272

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