December Christmas

Hey Kids,

It seems to me that Christmas is starting a little bit early.

I know that the stores want to start earlier and earlier. But it’s usually followed by the public outcry of “Too Early!”

Black Friday wasn’t until the day after Thanksgiving, and now many places run Black Friday specials all month long.tumblr_inline_mvjd3e9kyO1rdzepz

This year, however, everyone appears to have caved. Christmas music is playing. People are shopping, and I swear Thanksgiving could pass and no one would notice.

I like Christmas. I really do. I even love the fact that the entire month of December is all Christmas. But only the month of December.

I’m not upset about it; it’s not worth it. And if any Holiday is going to be expanded, Christmas is a good one.

But other than this post, my Christmas season begins only and once the turkey is eaten


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Day 271

2 thoughts on “December Christmas

  1. Good one, Mike! I used to run the processing dept. of a Macy’s store – we were scheduled each year to have our Christmas trees up and “Holiday Lane” area begun by September 20th!!!!!!!!

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