Hey Kids,

The last dance.

I remember going to the school dances and spending so much of it preparing to ask that one girl for the last

The last dance would be a slow one; one to cherish, one to get close and create a moment. Even if for only me.

At the end of the song, the house lights came on, the girl returned to her friends, and I realized that the entire evening had become reduced to one song. And one girl.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m boohooing; I had some incredible last dances with some wonderful crushes.

Now with the wisdom of age, I understand I would’ve been better off if I had just stopped waiting for the magic moment and enjoyed all of the moments, danced the whole dance with whatever girl would grant me the honor.

And the situation still exists.

Every day is a new song at the biggest school dance of them all.

Do I want one special dance at the end? Or a lifetime of dancing to all the songs?

Seize the day, I say.



Day 239

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