Internet Takeover

Hey Kids,

Back to the Future or Star Wars?

That has been the internet for two days now.

Monday, the full trailer for the new but 7th Star Wars movie aired during Monday Night Football and the internet soon became clogged with replays of it. People started buying tickets for the December release and crashed the sites selling them within 88,backtothefuture,comic,illustration,movie,starwars-8b146d844d7f7e3477f82e4026f39602_h

Today was the date depicted in the movie Back to the Future 2 as the future. Everyone made their comparisons to what the movie saw as our future today and what it is for reals. They were not exactly right.

I’m a little full of the Star Wars and Back to the Future references, although I’m not against either.

But you know what’s really cool?

With so much Jedi and Marty McFly in the timelines, a whole lot of crap got pushed out.

I’m OK with that.


Day 240

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