Labor Day

Hey Kids,

Labor Day.

I’m not so savvy as to the beginnings and meaning of Labor Day but taking it at its face value, it’s to honor and celebrate the workers of the country.comfort-knowing-pressure-fun-labor-day-ecard-someecards

Some observations:

1) The higher you get paid, the more likely you get Labor Day off.

2) If you get the day off, not only are you higher paid normally, you are more likely to get paid for the day too.

3) Those who are off and getting paid are very likely to visit places where those who are not off have to work. And not very forgiving to those places closed or short staffed today.

4) Summer is declared over, yet good weather will continue for weeks to come. Many will ignore the good weather and bemoan how short the summer had been.

5) Nobody knows what Labor Day is; other than the “official” end of summer.

6) 50% of people still struggle if this week was Labor Day or Memorial Day.

7) I cannot prove any of the points above. But I’ll take any and all three day weekends offered.


Day 196

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