The Dark Angel

Hey Kids,

A few years back, on my first visit to Arches National Park, I saw a trail on the map that led to a formation called the Dark Angel.

I was intrigued.

It wasn’t the right time to make the 6 mile or so hike on that visit so I bookmarked it in my brain as a hike I wanted to do.

I made several more trips to Arches over the past several years and each time there were others sites to see or too little time to make the hike. So on the last trip last spring, I mentioned that the next trip, we were making the hike.

Today was the next trip.

We set out just after 10. The sun was already hot and there was plenty of people parked at the trailhead. Luck on our side, we found a spot immediately. To increase our luck and good karma, I flagged down a motorcycle circling the lot and welcomed them to park behind our car. We knew they would leave well before us, so no harm done and it got a Harley off the road sooner. 😉

Arches NP is beautiful and the arches are always awe inspiring but at last we reached the northern most part of the main hiking trails. And before us sat the monolith known as the Dark Angel.

Standing out by itself, like a pillar to a building that isn’t, the giant slab of red sandstone towered over the brush and dirt below it. A King of the desolate, a Monarch of the lowly.

In its simplicity, the tower reigned over the interest of all who ventured the distance to see it. No fancy arch, no balanced rock, and no other formations close enough to call it brother.IMG_20150906_121018_164

No one stayed very long to gawk at its beauty or praise its natural wonder. Instead, the people took a quick photo, and went back the way they had come without fanfare or comment.

We stayed a little longer than most. We walked around it to see all of its sides. We took our pictures and also returned back the way we came.

I worry about being drawn to an unknown exhibit simply because it had a name such as it has.

It worries me more, that I find similarities between the two of us.

But not that much. After all it’s just a rock.


Day 195

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