Hey Kids,

I like big picture thinking.

Standing back and looking at the whole scenario, as opposed to reacting to each individual action, I believe, will net you more success.

Riding a motorcycle through a turn, it’s important to look where you want to go. If you watch the yellow line tracing the outside of the turn, that is exactly where you will go. Target fixation it is called.

Look down the road, not at it. Yet, keep your eyes on the alert for important details such as potholes, loose gravel, and stray varmints darting into your path. And sometimes, you can find stuff like that too. I have a weird collection of things I’ve picked up from the streets. However, that might have to wait for another blog.

I like having the Police around. They are a safety net to our society. That’s the big picture. They can also be the annoying yellow lines tracing the limits of our smooth riding. They issue speeding tickets, they enforce registration, and they can pull you over for loud pipes. In the big picture, it’s good they do that stuff. But it does foster a love/hate relationship.

1394300455_e38f4ff35dThis morning I saw a State Trooper waiting at a stop sign waiting for his chance to pull into the steady flow of commute traffic. Being on the bike, I maintain a larger following distance behind the car in front of me as compared to normal commute bumper-to-bumper. I thought for a second about slowing down a few clicks and give him the opportunity to slide in front of me. He’s an officer of the state and most likely it would be a good thing to let him be on his business as soon as possible.

Small picture thinking took over.

I sped up and made sure he couldn’t get into traffic. I made him wait even longer. Like we have to do when they pass with their lights on.

Petty? Sure. Feel good? Yes sir.

Sometimes you just have to take those little pleasures when they come. The big picture will still be there.


Day 183

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