Spaghetti A La Mike

Pasta-Motorcycle-1Hey Kids,

I made spaghetti tonight.

That word Spaghetti means a lot of things to a lot of different people.

To me, when I made it tonight, it means this:

Brown one pound hamburger with one pound ground mild Italian sausage in a cast iron skillet on almost medium heat. Throw in tons of diced yellow onion.

In a big sauce pan set to low medium heat, pour two jars of spaghetti sauce of your choice. I’m sure homemade sauce is better, but I’m not there yet.

Add whatever of your onion you have left in the sauce. These pieces of onion should be left a little bigger than what you put in the browning meat.

Dice a ton of white mushrooms. Lots of them and dump them in the heating sauce.

Dice a green pepper. Add it to the sauce.

Once brown and onions translucent, drain the grease from the meat (don’t be anal here, just get most of it) and add it to the sauce.

Let the sauce simmer away for as long as you can stand it. Don’t heat it up too fast. Let the flavors party together for a while and get all chummy. I’m sure there’s a Too-Long time, but 30-60 minutes is a minimum. I’ve done it for about 2 hours before and no one died.

Heat salted water to boiling and dump in your pasta. I use elbow macaroni. Don’t really care what any one uses, it’s all the same for my pallet. I find 6 cups of dry pasta will do it, or two of the one pound bags. Cook until done. I’ll leave that for you to decide what that means.

Strain the pasta.

Mix the pasta and simmered-to-perfection sauce together.

Let the two get to know each other for a few minutes.

You now have enough Spaghetti for the next three weeks.

Serve with grated parmesan cheese and maybe some sour cream on top.

French, Garlic, or Cheese bread compliments the Spaghetti perfectly.

Got any variations? Do them.


Day 184

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