Local Indifference

Hey Kids,

Bryce Canyon has stood in its place for thousands, if not millions of years. I’m not a geologist but suffice to say, it’s been there for a long time. I have been alive for 49 years.

Of those 49 years, I waited about 46 of them before I visited Bryce Canyon National park. I’m ashamed that for the vast majority, of the majority, of my life, I’ve lived within 4 hours of Bryce Canyon and yet never visited, never asked to be taken there by my parents, never took my own kids, and never gave it much thought beyond, “I should go there some time.”IMG_20150809_133557

I have been there now three times. The last time being yesterday. The true beauty of Bryce Canyon, I feel, is in the trails down into the canyon and standing on the bottom looking up. We hiked 6 miles yesterday and only scratched the surface of the things to see. I can’t wait to return, but I’m also waiting to get back to Arches. And Zion’s. And …

I bought a pass over the past several years and have visited all the National Parks in my area. And not just once either. My sweetie and I go as often as we can, exploring the different trails, sights, and revisiting our favorites. What a blessing to have so many awe inspiring places close to my home.

Sometimes I worry that I wasted my time before by not incorporating these wonders earlier in my life. Maybe I should have shrugged off the local indifference and made more of an effort to enjoy them.

Fortunately for me, they weren’t going anywhere.


Day 168

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