As Good As A Poke With a Stick

Hey Kids,

It’s fire season.

That means lots of wildfires here in the West. Thousands if not millions of acres will burn. I don’t understand why?

Have you ever tried to start a fire? Have you been in charge of maintaining the fire? Have you ever needed a fire to cook your food? When you’re famished or had others waiting on you to feed them?

You work to get the kindling just right, the tender situated just so, light it, baby it until it can burn grown-up wood and then…it topples over and goes out. I can have a fire going for an hour, poke it with a stick a couple of times and it’s out!

A Fire, it is not

A Fire, it is not

Yet get two kids and a couple of firecrackers and next you’ll have hundreds of firefighters, a couple of helicopters, and about a million dollars to put it out.

What they should do is hire me. I’d simply poke the fire a couple of times with a stick and it’d be out in no time!

If it’s really a big fire, just line up a couple of hungry campers with fire-ready Dutch oven dinners ready to cook, and ask them to maintain it. The fire won’t stand a chance.

Day 167

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