First World Problems

Hey Kids,

First World problems, they call them.

Those difficulties we face beyond the need to eat to stay alive, find warmth to avoid freezing, and the fear of surviving yet another day.

Listening to a staff member talk of his struggles of being forced out of his house, trucked away, left on a river bank to fend for his life, watching others die of starvation and disease, spending 18 years of his life in a refugee camp, stuck between two countries that want nothing to do with his people, and experiencing members of his family die due to the indifference; I realize my problems are pretty simple.first-world-problems

They’re still problems and they are mine with which to deal. With real consequences. At least in the world I live in. In contrast however, nothing I’m facing compares.

It wasn’t a life-changing epiphany today. In fact, I’ve been telling myself lately to relax and keep things in perspective. Today, hearing this man’s story confirms I’m onto something.

3G Wi-Fi isn’t the end of the world.


Day 169

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