Movie Madness

Hey Kids,

Caught a couple of movies the last couple of days and I have a few thoughts about theatre movies in general.

The movies can never be as complete as the books. The movie is 2 hours long and the book takes a good reader 4-5 hours to read a typical book. The math doesn’t work.

There are actors and there are singers. They are not the same. Occasionally one or the other can cross over, but like switch hitters in baseball, it doesn’t mean you’re great at both.

Stop remaking movies. Yeah, I’m talking to you Top Gun people. And to all of the rest of us, please don’t go to them. They’ll just keep doing it.

I don’t do 3D. I do ID. Imagination Dimensional. I realize that the screen is flat and I’m not within the action. I also realize that I’m at the movies and it’s all made up. That’s real enough for

I would buy popcorn if it didn’t cost more than the movie. No, it isn’t part of the experience. Watching the movie on the biggest TV I can afford is the experience.

Aren’t there more Actors out there? Why is it the same actors, over and over? Are they really the best available? I can count on one hand the actors that can truly play any role and I forget they are acting.

Isn’t it amazing how much longer credits are today than even just a few years ago? Does it really take that many more people? And getting credit in a movie is pretty much like the legal notices in the paper. Does anyone see it? Actually, do they still print papers? I may have dated myself there.

And finally, but not conclusively, when did movies turn into dinner. We always did Dinner and a Movie, but we ate somewhere else. I know it comes back to the “experience” but it’s hard to get into the movie, of being on a tropical island, running and hiding from dinosaurs, with the smell of Pizza and Chili Fries filling the theatre.

Just a few of my thoughts.


Day 153

2 thoughts on “Movie Madness

  1. I’ve pretty much stopped going out to movies, with the exception of one here and there mainly because of the cost. It’s insane what it costs for one ticket let alone taking a date or…gulp..a family of 3 or more! A few years back I purchased a 63″ 3DTV and a surround sound system and it’s pretty amazing. Makes watching movies at home even better than theaters!

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