What Have We Done

Hey Kids,

Today was the Jensen Family Reunion. 195 descendants of my Great Grand Parents gathered under the shade of the Gunnison Park Pavilion. That isn’t every one either.IMG_20150725_163530-1

My great grandparents are no longer with us, as well as most of their children, including my grandfather. I wonder what they would think if they could see this gathering. There’s no way they could imagine what they’ve done.

The family has begun to spread out. It’s arrived at the point that my dad admits that he doesn’t know about 50% of the people there anymore. Kids are growing up, getting married and having even more Jensen’s. By this rate, we’ll have bragging rights in the number of Jensen’s over Copenhagen.

I would imagine that eventually this gathering will split up into the different groups from the newest Great Grandparents. Many of the new families will decide to start their own traditions but it’s pretty amazing to see it as it is right now.


Day 152

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