Hey Kids,


Something actually happens. At least for me.

When I give away my time and help a person or cause, or in this case an event; and get no remuneration I still seem to feel compensated.

So many want my money, it’s refreshing for someone to want my time, my effort, or my help. I feel rich. I feel needed. And it lets me feel generous. I walk away feeling good about myself.one-does-not-mhgzco

In so many environments, the feeling is the opposite. For me, it’s mostly a feeling of inadequacy; not having enough, afraid to run out, exhausted at so many requests. But I can spare a little time for good reason.

I’m not trying to get on a soap box here and saying anyone else should do like I’m doing. That’s not my way. Plus there are people who are far more generous with volunteering than me.

No, I’m just saying I enjoy it, and thought I would share. I’m generous like that too.


Day 99

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