I Start; Therfore, I Win

Hey Kids,

I saw that a woman, aged 92, recently finished a marathon. She became the oldest woman to do so. Ever.

It reminded me of a friend of mine. He competed in the Senior Games and ran marathon as late as his early nineties. Last time I spoke with him, he was still planning to compete again this past summer.

A few years back, when he was but an octogenarian lad, he ran the Salt Lake City Marathon. He finished and finished first in his age group. He admitted that his total time was not anything of which to brag and while on the course he saw several people he knew that could’ve easily beat his time. Had they competed, that is.How_to_start_a_business_crop

He won because he raced when others did not.

In addition, he won because he raced.

No one has ever won that never starts.

And Sid said so.


Day 98

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