Hey Kids,

As you might notice, the note at the bottom of this page reads Day 100. But why?1024px-Usdollar100front

I believe in following good advice.

In this case, it’s the advice or example of Seth Godin. I make no excuses for it. Seth shares advice, wisdom, and insight freely and I have found it valuable.

He writes a daily blog. One blog post per day. Every day. For years now. Somewhere in his daily posts, he challenged others to try it. I have. For 100 days now.

On a daily basis, it has likewise challenged me to look around me and find something worthwhile to write. My wish is that others enjoy it, but I admit that the primary goal was to force me to look deeper into each day to find something to share, and about which to write.

As you may have also noticed, I start each post with “Hey Kids”. I share with all, but to help me remember the value of those who take time to read my writings, I address the posts to my kids. The five of them. I hope that when the dark time of our separation is ended, my thoughts of what I wished I had shared with them is left as a receipt for them to read.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of them, and this blog gives me release of those thoughts and stretched end to end- I hope this blog illustrates who I am, or was.

My goal is to continue this blog till it is no longer possible. I invite all to follow along. I know you may not be able or willing to drop in everyday, but know that every day I’ll be here and you’re invited.

And now, on to 101.


Day 100

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