Hey Kids,

I woke this morning to a comment to yesterday’s blog left from half-way around the world, from Australia. The author and I have since exchanged a few comments on each other’s blogs and as fate would have it, he’s a motorcycle guy.

I find it amazing the reach that an individual can have. The world has become so small in terms of communication. One’s words can find themselves from a little apartment in Utah to any place in the world. To be alone or isolated seems an impossible feat anymore.map_of_the_internet_by_tophthetomboy-d348wf0

And yet, despite the close proximity all IP addresses share, we are able to be individuals now more than ever. To be unique, to embrace a relatively minority passion such as a motorcycle is OK. I can still be Mike from Utah, an American. I can still have my own ideas of how everything works and yet still find commonality with others on small specific topics. If someone is adamantly opposed to me, they can move along. Life’s too short to bicker.

It’s an incredible world we live in. The more we connect, the less we want to remain separate. The more we understand different points of view, the less we care if we’re red or blue. The more we discuss what we love and learn what others love, the less we need to discuss what we dislike.

Even with all the trouble in the world, this, I believe, is a great time to be a part of it. And the makings are here to make it even better for the future.

I hope we use our new possibilities to broaden friendships and expand humanity. I hope I get to meet more of the world.


Day 45

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