It’s Called the Lombardi Trophy for a Reason

Hey Kids,

It’s Friday and I’ve had a great week. Nothing special or anything, I’ve just owned each day and got some good things done. That hasn’t always been the case.

I’ve struggled. I’ve had some bad days, and I imagine I still will. This afternoon, everything could turn for the worse and be a horrible evening, a sucky weekend, and the start of a really bad week for next week. I’m not afraid. I’ve seen it all before and here I am, having a great week and day.

I have learned that the days keep coming. They come. And they come. All you have to do is keep standing up when one of them knocks you down.

I know, blah, blah, blah.

Well, it’s true. There is no mystery to it. There’s no secret answer. It’s all about what you do. How long will you stay down on the mat? Sometimes it takes a while. But you just have to get up as soon as you can.

And since you’re up, enjoy it.


Day 46

One thought on “It’s Called the Lombardi Trophy for a Reason

  1. I have bad days but I find i can turn it around by not letting things… or people rule my life.

    Any day I put two feet on the floor after waking up is a good day.

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