Fair Play

Hey Kids,

First weekend in March. What we do is dependent on the weather.

On the eastern side of this country this year- well, it’s damn cold and snow bound. You’re going to have to wait. That’s a shame but not tragic.

Here in the western part, at least the Intermountain area, we are warm and dry. We had some snow recently and the mountains are still under 8 feet of it; but today, here in the lower valley, we’re looking at 50’s to 60’s and sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine.

Sometimes it’s the opposite and we’re the cold ones. In fact, next week it could all turn around. And then again on the following week, it could all be different again.

It’s springtime. It’s how it works. No whining allowed. Everybody gets some, sometime. Just wait your turn.

Spring brings out the motorcycles.

Today they have been rumbling and winding up and down the streets and highways. Many out for their first time this spring.

They’ll be bragging about their “great rides” and how “what a wonderful day it was to ride” and some will even be mocking those who did not get their bikes ready or still felt it too chilly to ride.

Oh bragging rights will be claimed. Other riders will be shamed. And a false sense of heroism might be expressed.

I have just a few words for those whose “First Flight” this weekend makes them think they have entered the Early Bird Club of Motorcycling. Six words to be exact.

“Where were you in January, bitches?”




Day 12


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