Electric Motorcycles

Hey kids,

Are electric motorcycles really the future? I watched a video on a new electric motorcycle that looks like it might be.

The motorcycle, the Lightning LS-218, is a head turner. It owns a land speed record and won the Pikes Peak Hill Climber over all the other gas manufacturers.ls-218-specs-graphic2

There are questions of range on electric vehicles and this bike has not answered them yet. Here in the desert, best case scenario of 150 miles is not a long range. The need to charge and go still needs to be addressed.

Electricity is not free either. Power comes from hydro electric dams (deemed bad for the environment), coal burning electric plants (deemed evil), power lines (unsightly), solar panels (geographically impossible to have enough), wind turbines (death for raptures and unsightly), geothermal (never mentioned anymore), etc. Are emissions out of the tail pipe better than those emitted out of factory stacks out of sight?

But if performances of the electric bikes begins to out shine the gas engines, if their purchase price makes them affordable to the masses, and if the range issues are answered; and I imagine these all will happen, electric powered bikes and cars will happen.

Bring them on. It’s not really the CO2 that I need to have a good ride; it’s life on the road from atop two wheels.


Day 11

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