A Humble Summation

a18c2b14be267d88057121afa27d1e09Located very near to the gravesite of Porter Rockwell, I found this head stone. It has since deterorated even more than this photo.

Despite having lived through the incredible time of Nauvoo, crossing the plains, establishing the Salt Lake Valley, serving as a Bishop, the simple summary of his life was inscribed as follows:

Sacred to the Memory of Bishop John Mills Wooley

Born November 20, 1822 in

Chester County, Pennsylvania

Baptised Nauvoo Oct 7, 1840

Ordained Bishop of the Ninth Ward October 1856

Departed this life August 18, 1864

Died by a blow from rocks by a sliding log in Cottonwood Kanyon

 I find the forgotten history sad. I find the deterioration of the headstones tragic. And I find the fact that all this will be my fate harrowing.

I know I mean very little to the world. I hope I mean something enough to someone that when my head stone begins to fall apart, someone cares.

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