Back From It All

I thought I could maintain this blog while I was out and about, but alas, I could not. So I will claim “vacation” and move on.

Today is my first day back t the paying job at he University and back to my morning time writing. I have begun the editing process to the second book in the OPR series- Cursing Black’s Trail.

I am also working on getting the POD version of “Ain’t Dead Yet” and “Twice the Christmas” available as well.

The amazing thing here at the paying gig, is that everything is still the same. I don’t know why I’m surprised. nothing ever changes here. At least, not quickly.

I feel refreshed. Usually I come back from vacation worn out. But not this time. I feel like the time off paid off. I enjoyed getting Ain’t Dead Yet finished in week 1 and then spending the time with my mom and dad on week two and then spending the “Birthday Weekend” with A.

I am now looking forward to some October fishing before the snow begins. I have another 5+ weeks on the books for time off- might as well use them while the fishing is good.

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