A Happy Day with the Pappy

I’ll make this entry short because my batteries are as low as my cell phone’s.

Spent the day traveling to see my parents and ended up going fishing in the Manti Mountains at Blue Lake.


The Manti Mountains just happens to be a major setting for my book Ain’t Dead Yet. And the lake sits at about 10,000 feet.

We were joined by his brother, my uncle Russ, and we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon catching Tiger trout.

Russ caught the biggest. Dad caught the most. And I was happy to have at least caught two.


We might be going back up tomorrow and I’ll try to include some good mountain picture.

Riding in the truck, I can’t help but think that these mountains were the perfect setting for the mountain scenes. If the sound of patting myself on the back hadn’t drown out all other sounds, I swear I would have heard Porter and the boys running and shooting up the countryside.

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