Seasonal Change

I know the weather will change several times between now and when it does for good (whatever that means), but this morning I made a shift. I hung up the mesh motorcycle gloves and put on the thinker pair. They are not my winter set, nor the wet weather gauntlets that I own, but the “not let the wind run wild over the bare skin below the mesh because that gets cold on the knuckles” ones.

Next will be the change of jacket, and then the coat, and then the coat with lining.  All when nature demands it and I decide I will heed to it.

I know the calendar says fall time, but what is real is actual air temperature blowing past me on the bike.

And so are so many things in life- criticism is one think that I think of.

Just because someone criticizes your work, your writing, your life; it doesn’t mean that they are right. But take a moment and look at what you’re doing. Are you riding cold because of denial, or did the weather man have a point. And if there’s a reason, fix it. Not because someone told you so, but because it needs fixing.

But if the sun is out and it’s a warm fall, by all means: Half helmet, sunglasses, t-shirt, and mesh riding gloves will be just fine. To hell with the calendar and to hell with what others not in your shoes think!

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