I Hate Packing

It’s such a simple thing. Pack enough clothes for a few days. Nothing really different than anything you do everyday. Pick out some socks, a shirt, pants and yes mother, some clean underwear.

But there’s something about doing it for more than just the immediate day that stumps me. What if I need more. Then I better pack more. But you feel like an idiot when you return home and see the stuff you packed but didn’t use.

“Better safe than sorry.” Advice like that is why I take too many shirts, coats, jackets, etc. I start to look like I’m leaving for the winter.


I hate packing.

Some day, I hope to be so wealthy that I can just send out servants in the evening to purchase my next day’s clothes and discard the previous ones.

Of course, what if something happens and you need them…

I hate packing.

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