Hey Kids,

A key staff member gave his notice today.

And by key I mean, master key. The operations of my staff have come to be independent on the talents he brings to the team. The loss is staggering.

He came as a custodian. Worked his way, through excellent ethics and willingnesss, to learn things outside his daily duties. He became the guy everyone wanted on their team. He learned fast, he worked hard, and he always made the job for those around him easier.

He rose to the undisputed leader of his new team. No one questioned his mastery of the process and program. If he said it was so, it was so. He pushed himself to know more than his team’s duties, but expanded to other groups and how their work connected back to his.

He was smart. A refugee from another part of the world. He studied, took the exam, and became a citizen of the United States- the first country that would ever call him its own.

And when I thought my opinion could be no higher, he abandons all that he has worked for, moves to another part of the country, and starts all over. Why? To care for an elderly in-law, a grand parent.

What some do with nothing to start with, embarrasses those who, like me, still worry about who travels in what lane, compares the size of pizza slices to fairness, and gripes about who left too many lights on at the house.

This staff member won’t just be missed, but the soul of the team has been wounded.


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When You’re Not Working

Hey Kids,

I’m not one of those guys who have to watch the off-season like it matters. I can barely keep up with watching the actual games, let alone trying to find out who showed up when to training camp, who got traded, and who got cut. I have too many things going on.

I do get caught up in some of the news and occasionally I like to check in and see if anything exciting that might affect the season happened. This past week, I got hooked on NFL organized practices press conferences.hard-work

In one interview, a second year player spoke of the difference of the rookie year when compared to the second year. The press lobbed the question to him and he answered that it really didn’t matter what year it was, he just had to work hard and get better at the things he could get better at, which was everything.

He’s a sincere guy. Humble family upbringing, soft spoken, and complimentary to everyone around him. But in regards to working hard he drew on a statement his father had told him that he uses as his motivation.

He said his daddy told him “When you’re not working, someone else is.”

This world will pass you by if you let it. Your spot isn’t assured. Get out and out-work the rest of them and good things will happen. If nothing else happens, you’ won’t have to worry whether or not you tried hard enough. And that puts you in some elite company and leaves you with no regrets.


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