Four-ish Seasons

Hey Kids,

In the valley, it was somewhere around 90°- summertime temperatures. Everyone is already enjoying the heat and some even complaining how hot it is and how quickly summer rushed in upon us.IMG_20170604_145045-1

We visited the mountains this afternoon. At 9,000 ft. elevation, summer is still yet to hit its stride. The hilltops still cling to their collected snow, the leaves struggle to stretch from their buds, and the grasses are nothing but green hue on the ground.

A great advantage to living near a range of mountains as great as the Wasatch, if you miss the start or end of a season, just drive either up or down the steep canyons and relive it all over again.


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Cool Summertime

Hey Kids,

80° Right smack dab in the middle of the summer. July no less. It even snowed in Wyoming.

I know there are some crying foul. My sweetie is one of them. Her Texas blood requires as many 100°+ days as possible and being in Utah, she best get stocked up in July. I, however, am rejoicing in the short repose from the heat.

Writing Pool Side

Writing Pool Side

Today I sat at pool side and experienced a double bonus.

1) Without Hell’s Breathe beating down upon me, I didn’t sweat all over my laptop and mouse, or gum up my touch screen. I got work done and didn’t have to drink 5 gallons of water.

2) There were near no kids swimming in the pool. The last couple of cool days and the very cool night has turned our pool into an ice bath (according to one young fellow who attempted the icy waters). I don’t mean to be a Grinch but I felt aristocratic to be working next to an unused, peaceful pool.

I understand that this cold front will give way to mid to upper 90’s in the next two days and that’s OK. In the spirit of counting my blessings, I am loving this weather!


Day 155

That Weekend

Hey Kids,

Usually there’s one weekend that really kicks off the warm summer weather. Usually it’s in May.sun

Everyone will return to work or school sunburned, lengths of pant and shirt sleeves shortened, tales of wild escapades will be told.

From the looks of the vacated rain clouds that have brought us the most measurable precipitation (people from desert areas understand that statement) in 10 years and the forecasted sunny weather; I’m going to guess that that weekend is the one that starts tomorrow.

I hope I’m right!


Stupid Storyline Update- It is less stupid today. A few hours of rewrite have stemmed the crappiness.

“The first draft of anything is [crap]. Earnest Hemingway.

Or sometimes even the 10th.


Day 94