Impossible to Forget

Hey Kids,

Is there more to come beyond after a mortal life?

Or is lifeless the sole reward for our daily strife?976-Creepycemetery

When the body finally lies still after the last breath,

Does a soul continue on, after what we call death?

Or after a life of struggle, sweat, and endless toil,

Is the body simply returned to the earth and soil?

Either way, our time is numbered and our days set.

Try not to be remembered, but impossible to forget.


Day 202

Something Worth Remembering

Hey Kids,

I’m not sure if there are people who wish to live forever.

I don’t mean in the Spiritual, Heaven-dwelling living forever. I mean by not dying. At least not for a long time. I know that no one really wishes to die young but with the average lifespan for men at 72 and 76 for women; are most people OK with that?

I’m not obsessed with death and I don’t really worry about when it’ll come. I hope not for a while and I hope it surprises me when it does. I agree with the late Olympian Bob Richards who wished to be shot at an old age by a jealous husband.

But when death comes, I hope to be remembered for at least a little while. I hope a few people are sad to see me go, or maybe know there will be a few who will miss me on the holidays. More importantly, I hope I did something worth remembering which is more important than being remembered.

I’m amazed by some people and the legacy they leave behind. The fact that their names and feats are remembered for years, centuries, and millenniums after they are gone; is remarkable. It’s never for the person just being a good person, but for what they accomplished and for what they did for humanity- sometimes good, sometimes bad.

But only one person I know of lived a life so respected that even his arm, when lost in battle, got its own grave marker. General Stonewall Jackson. He may have fought a losing war for a lost cause, but he did it with a style that’s still remembered today. He held his ground and inspired those around him to do the same.34a01bc8b5c09fa2a6dac87526d037bc

Over 150 years later, I tip my hat.


Day 176

Sad Monday

Hey Kids,

A person I’ve known for many years passed this weekend to a sudden heart attack. The news hit hard this morning as people returned to work and got the news. It happened so sudden.

I won’t pretend that we were great friends or that had I not been told, it might be some time before our paths would have crossed in a way that I would have asked where he had gone, but it would’ve happened. And I would be just the same shocked and saddened as I am today.

Jon always made me smile when our paths did cross. He always bore a smile and if you spent any amount of time with him, you were blessed with a story of some sort. Or at least an encounter that became your story of Jon.

He was not young but he wasn’t old. It’s a reminder that life isn’t fair. It’s just life. One day you have it; the next day you might not.554925_254007258045735_1617470083_n

I don’t want to cheapen my thoughts today by spelling out the obvious lesson. But I will say, I’m hearing it in my head.


Day 42